Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Slide Presentations Due on April 8

You are to prepare a Power Point or Google Slide presentation on an topic from the list below. The presentations are due on Friday, April 8.

Earth's Two Highest Mountains
The Three Longest Rivers of the World 
The Tides 
The Great Barrier Reef of Australia 
The Mariana Trench
Hurricanes and Cyclones 
The Afar Rift
The Dead Sea
Plate Tectonics
Metalloids and Semiconductors 
Gem Stones of the Bible 
Monuments of the Biblical World
Snowflakes (related to work of Wilson Bentley)
Wild Cats of Asia 
Archaic Technologies Related to Combat
Circles of Standing Stones
Pyramids of the Ancient World
Theories of Time 
Time Measuring Devices Throughout History


The presentation must have 20 slides.

The first slide is to have the title and your name with at least one image.

Each slide must have an image.

You are limited to ten words on a slide (except for the final summary slide).

The final slide is to have a summary of at least 5 points made in the presentation.

You will present this to the class in April.

Here are tips for producing an excellent PPP.

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