Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Internet Connectivity and Access for Students

Internet Connectivity

If you connect through a modem, follow these instructions:

Close your Internet browser if it's open.
Unplug the modem's power cord.
Count to 15, which lets the modem power down.
Plug the modem back in.
Wait two minutes for the modem to initialize the connection.
Open your web browser.

If you have a modem and a router, make sure they are both functioning. Check your modem first to see if its power LED is lit. Also check your Link or Online LED and any activity LEDs. If there is no power or LED activity, turn the modem and router off and wait 3 minutes before restarting. Wait until the modem comes back online before restarting the router. 

If your router's power LED is lit, check the Internet or WAN indicator. On most routers, this should be green and may be flashing. If your router doesn't have status indicators, look around back to see if the Ethernet port lights are flashing. If there is no activity, turn the router off. Unplug and reconnect each cable, making sure each cable is seated correctly in the appropriate port. Wait a few minutes before rebooting the router.

If multiple parties are vying for bandwidth you may need to purchase a more powerful router. Go here to read about that.