Tuesday, February 6, 2018

INDEX of Topics

INDEX (Current as of 7 August 2020)

Time to Jettison the Common Ancestry Theory?

Old World Migrations to the Americas
Diversity Among Paleo-Siberians
Why Biblical Anthropology?
Genesis in Anthropological Perspective
Cultural Anthropology: An introduction
How Humans Are Different
Noah's Sons and Their Descendants
More About Noah's Descendants
Nahor and His Descendants
Homo Naledi: Newest Member of the Human Family
The Marriage and Ascendancy Pattern of Abraham's People
The Mighty Men of Old
The Pyramid Builders
The Genesis King Lists
The Antiquity of the Edomite Rulers
Two Named Esau
Edom and the Horite Ha'biru
Priests, Shamans and Prophets
Three-Clan Confederations and Twelve-Clan Confederations
Some Marks of Prehistoric Religion

Archaic and Ancient Human Populations
Archaic Humans Stored Marrow-rich Deer Bones
The Ancient Kingdom of Edom
Incas Built on Intersecting Fault Lines
The Religious Impulse Among Archaic Populations
Humans Descend From African Ancestors
1.5 Million Human Footprints in Kenya
Many Groups of Archaic Humans
The Northern Range of Archaic Humans
The Dispersal of Archaic Humans
The Mysterious Natufians
Were the Tarim Mummies Afro-Eurasians?

The Stone Age
The Antiquity of Bethlehem
Symbols of Archaic Rock Shelters
Artifacts of Great Antiquity
Egyptian Glass in Ancient Nordic Graves
Digging Through the Trash (middens)
David's Zion Found
Jerusalem Virtual Pilgrimage
What Are Bullae?
3000 Year Temple Seal
Yahu Seals
Purity Seal From Herod's Temple
2400 BC Tomb of Purification Priest (Also read this.)
Sudan is Archaeologically Rich
70,000 Year Settlement Found in Sudan
Why Nekhen is Archaeologically Significant

Bible and Science
Reading the Bible as a Christian
Science and Miracles
The Bible and Science (Part 1)
The Bible and Science (Part 2)

Biblical Anthropology (The Science)
Mega-Lake Chad
Dark Algae Increases Ice Melt
Climate Science: Learn to read charts
The Reality of Climate Change
Katherine Hayhoe on Climate Change
Climate Cycles Indicate a Dynamic Earth
Complex Climate Changes
When the Sahara Was Wet
Antarctica Once Had Baobab Trees
South American Glaciers Growing
Climate Data Fudge Factor
Kansas Bill Calling for Objectivity in Climate Science Fails
Reality Climate Ideologues Won't Face
Climate Change and Genesis
Lower Solar Irradiance, Higher Atmospheric Temps?
Climate Cycles and Noah's Flood
Climate Studies and the Book of Genesis
Genesis and Climate Change
Two Environmentalists Knock Heads
Climate and Wealth Redistribution
Climate Change and Human Innovation
Antarctic Ozone Hole Smaller
America's Wake Up Call on Climate

Function Keys
Discover Google
Internet Connectivity and Access for Students
Digital Citizenship
Basic Computer Coding
Coding Conventions
Five Steps to Understanding HTML Code
How to Code: 15 Steps
Design and Code Your First Website
You Tube Video Editing

Lemaître's Cosmic Egg
Cosmologies of the Ancient Near East
The Cosmology of Abraham's People

CWIS Charter and News

Materials Science (Part 1 - metals)
Materials Science (Part 2 - ores)
Materials Science (Part 3 - resins)
Materials Science (Part 4 - conglomerates)
Writing Surfaces Used by Humans
Archaic Shell Technology
The History of Glass Blowing
Brick Making in the Ancient World
How Heavy Elements Are Produced
Tar as an Adhesive and Sealant
The Stone Age
Stone Work of the Ancient World
Stone, Shell and Egg Technologies
Silk Production in the Ancient World
How Silk is Produced
Lead Contamination of Water
Noah's Ark
The Religious Symbolism of Gold
The Gold of Ophir
Kushite Gold
A Silver Lining at Abel Beth Maacah
Why Zipporah Used a Flint Knife
Francis Collins on the Coronavirus
The Inventor of the MRI Machine
Yarn Grown From Human Skin Cells
Physician-priests of the Ancient World
Medical Care in Ancient Egypt
Prehistoric Humans used Plants Medicinally
HeLa Cells
The Ancient Nubians Used Antibiotics
Neolithic Medical Care
Herbs Used for Healing in the Bible
Dental Health of Ancient Sudanese



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