Sunday, December 8, 2013

Attention! Students and Early Career Women in STEM

Opportunities for Students/Early Career CWIS Members

Faith Tucker, the Board member focusing on students and early career members, describes our special focus on students and early career women at :

We are working on several special opportunities for this group.  If you are a student or early career scientist interested in getting involved, or an established scientist willing to serve as a resource, email Faith at
  • CWIS Mentorship Program pairing students and early-career scientists with established Christian women in their discipline
  • Role Model Stories on the blog profiling the women of CWIS who blazed the trail before us
  • Virtual (and hopefully at times physical) community and support of other women in the same stage of their schooling or career
  • A platform to request answers to specific questions regarding school, research, career, family, faith, or anything else
  • And more!
Give us some feedback and help us connect with Christian women preparing to enter careers in science and technology and young career women now working in STEM.

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