Thursday, July 18, 2019

Stop the Grumpy Head

Last month Facebook blocked sharing anything from this blog because an anonymous grumpy head reported it as abusive. The original message I received was that content at the blog is abusive and violates community standards. Now I'm told that the complaint involves spamming. It appears that someone or some group does not like what we are doing here.

I manage the blog for Christian Women in Science (CWIS) and am careful about moderating comments and content. We have never spammed our posts. This is an educational blog with balanced content representing good science.

I am glad that Facebook is going to review the claim. However, one month later, we are still blocked from posting our URL on Facebook. Try posting a link to this at your Facebook page. When Facebook blocks it, ask for a review. Perhaps if more people ask, we might have this matter resolved.

The CWIS blog was set up six years ago as a resource for Christian School teachers and home school parents seeking solid resources to teach STEM and the history of science and technology. It is entirely informational and represents a range of scientific positions. That is evident from a quick review of the INDEX.

CWIS is an organization I helped to found and this blog was set up with the permission of the CWIS Board. CWIS is an affiliate of the American Scientific Affiliation.

Please share this post with teachers and home school parents in any way that you can: email, Twitter, etc. It also would help if you would become a "Follower" of the blog. Stay informed about STEM and Technology through the monthly posts.

Thanks for helping!

Alice C. Linsley
CWIS Blog Manager

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