Friday, December 20, 2013

Good Science Blogs

Alice C. Linsley

I have been a blogger for eight years and I maintain six active blogs. I also serve as "blog mistress" for two other blogs. Obviously, blogging is a communication medium that I enjoy and appreciate for its versatility and potential to inform beyond my classroom.

What follows is a list of blogs organized alphabetically by the branch of science. I have not listed the science blogs maintained by mainstream media or science magazines as these are easy to find. This list will take the reader to lesser known blogs that deserve more traffic.

Some of the blogs listed are maintained by Christians. These are designated by † before the link. Christians in the sciences often offer a different perspective and sometimes their findings are not given much attention. I encourage readers to visit the sites in their field of interest and to participate in the discussions.

  †  Biblical Anthropology
  †  God is in the Details (Ingie Hovland)
      John Hawks' Weblog (Paleoanthropology)
  †  Just Genesis
  †  Yam Suph (Susan Burns)

     Bad Archaeology (Keith Fitzpatrick Matthews)
     Elfshot: Stick and Stones (Tim Rast)
     Middle Savagery  (Colleen Morgan)
     Biblical Archaeology (Rob Bradshaw)

    Astrobog (Ian Musgrave)
    Tom's Astronomy Blog
    .py in the sky (Thomas Robitaille)
†  Star Stryder (Dr. Pamela L. Gay)

†   An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution (Steve Martin)
     The Biology Blog
     The Sea Blog (Marine Biology)
 †  BioLogos Blog

     ChemBark (Dr. Paul Bracher)
     The Sceptical Chymist
 †  Daily Reactions of a Chemist (Dr. Amanda Nichols)
     Chemistry World Blog

  †  Naturalis Historia
  †  The GeoChristian
     Clastic Detritus (Brian Romans)

     Bits of Language (Adrien Barbaresi)
 †  Sunshine Mary
     The Seuren Blog (Pieter Seuren)

  †  Christena Cleveland (Social Psychology)
  †  Society of Christian Psychology
  †  Musings of a Christian Psychologist (Phil Monroe)
     Evolutionary Psychiatry (Emily Deans)

     Quantum Diaries
     Antimatter (Cormac O’Rafferty)
     Nanoscale Views (Douglas Natelson)
     The Reference Frame (LuboŇ° Motl Pilsen)

  †  Science and Belief (Ruth Bancewicz)
  †  Rachel Held Evans
  †  Reasons to Believe
  †  Old Earth Creationism Homeschool
  †  Krista Bontrager's Blog
  †  Proslogion (Dr. Jay L. Wile)

STEM (General Interest)
AWIS Blog: Championing the interests of women in STEM

If you know of other blogs of interest to Christians in the sciences, please let me know.

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