Thursday, December 26, 2013

Seven Year Old Future Astronomer


My name is Bronwen. I am seven years old. I am a girl. I would like to be a Space Scientist when I grow up. I am interested in this because I am in love with science! I love science because it is very interesting and awesome. I would like to explore outer space so I can discover and name some planets.  I wonder how many planets are not named yet. I bet 100’000’000’000! Well, probably more.

I would like to learn how fast the earth moves. I want to learn if oxygen can be made in space. I know that the universe is super large and that it is still expanding like a balloon that you blow up.

Another reason that I think it is important to study space is because we can learn about the history of the universe.

My family loves science too. We read science books, watch science shows, and even tell science stories. I was talking about this report earlier to my family and they told me I should write this down.

I hope that some girls my age will read this and get interested in science.

Bronwen Todd


  1. Welcome to CWIS, Bronwen! I hope that you will write a review of one of your favorite science stories and/or movies. Your column is very enlightening.

  2. Thank you, Lin Allen. Bronwen says she will try.

  3. Thank you. I wonder what names Bronwen has in mind for the planets to be discovered.

  4. "I would like to name a new planet "Todd" Bronwen says.Sorry for the delay in responding. She is now 13 and still interested in science.